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108 S. Ranch House Rd., #1000
Willow Park, TX  76087
**If you have any questions concerning our programs, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our staff will help you find the best solutions for you.**
 Introductory special:Intro.
 4 weeks of unlimited 
Martial Arts2Training for  $99
 (includes uniform & tshirt)

At Northwest Martial Arts,
great care is taken to provide our customers high quality programs and personalized service for their unique needs.
Our Programs:
* Excellent Kids(Ages 3 to 6)
   -a specialized class for our younger students, designed to transition them into the martial arts mindset, and teach them basic techniques and life skills in a disciplined environment  This program is exclusive to select schools.

* Martial Arts and Self-defense (for all ages and skill levels)
   -martial arts training in basic skills, conditioning, sparring, self-defense, and life skills to develop a well rounded martial artist

Hyper Pro Training (advanced skills)
   -an advanced program incorporating martial arts, showmanship, gymnastic, and extreme performance skills to create a martial arts athelete

Gumdo (Korean swordmanship)
   -traditional Korean training, emphasizing control and mastery of the sword as a weapon.

Weapons Training (advanced skills)
   -training with traditional Korean weapons, empasizing the weapon as an extension of one's self

Empowering Women Self-Defense (women, girls, and children)
   -women's self-defense using the Gracie system designed specifically for women, girls, and small children

Bullying prevention courses (open to anyone and free to all)
   -specialized training designed to empower children and adults to avoid and help prevent bullying, as well as how to report it properly (new: Hyper Bullying Defense - offered 2-3 times per year)
Bullyproof program (offered in "special class", or during Excellent Kids/Beginner class)

 Child Abduction Safety Courses (open to anyone and free to all) 
   -special training to help prevent child abduction, and prepare children to avoid and react quickly in dangerous situations

* Fitness (for adults and kids all ages and fitness levels)
    30 minutes of high intensity whole body workout, for all skill levels

Conditioning Classes (all ages and fitness levels)
   -Wavemaster workouts and full body Warrior workouts, for all fitness levels

* Hyper Training and Hyper Camps (throughout the year)
   -Hyper or high performance training classes, camps, weapons and more.  Creating Martial Arts Athletes through fun and challenging workouts that include plyometrics, gymnastics, creativity, and martial arts.  Open for all ages.  Non-martial arts athletes are welcome to cross train with us too.

Leadership Training (for all ages)
  -Specialized training for those who wish to be future leaders and instructors.
Leaders can be created at any age, where there is a desire to learn and help others

Kickboxing (for all ages)
  -High intensity training in kickboxing techniques and combinations.  Great workout for those looking for something to challenge your cardio, reaction skills, and Self-defense.
Teen/Adult Classes  (ages 12 & up) 
   -Training for students who prefer training at a level for older students and adults.

 *Self-Defense (children must have permission)  Advanced combative skills, knife defense, take downs and joint locks.

*Instructor Training (ages 14 and up)  Specialized class for Leaders training to become instructors.

*Hyper Fight Club Sparring drills and skills in a fast paced, high energy session 
Ask us about our Parent Program!  
Train free for 1 month with your child.
some programs by appointment only